Ello ya'll, Smashley here aka Ashley. I'm 29 years old and have called Florida home my entire life. I'm currently rooted out of the southeast & get to travel all over Florida taking photos for people and brands I love. The friends (aka clients) I work with make my life full and there's always an adventure when we take photos. When you hop on board with me and we become partners in crime (PIC) you’re not a client, you’re a friend. With me there’s no set style, no method, no niche - It's a go with the flow vibe in this corner. Why? I don’t want to shoot any one thing. I want to have fun shooting and meet nice people along the way. With that said, if that’s shooting your portrait, your wedding, your dog's portrait, or your boat, I'm down. I'm on board (literally). Let's do it!

Most days you can find me on location photographing, at my office editing sessions, or doing the "mom" stuff with my two furry kids.

I photograph clients aka friends who are looking for modern, yet timeless, portraits that will generate buzz when shared on social media now and look beautiful when displayed in print for years to come.

Some brands I've worked with while traveling:
- Humane Society
- Youth Services
- Mary Kay Cosmetics
- Eco Vogue
- Boys and Girls Club