I use all natural light- that means no flash, no studio lighting, and no reflectors. I like photo shoots to be carefree and fun, with lots of movement and no uncomfortable or awkward posing. My goal is that the photos you get back capture you in a timeless way that you adore!

After you contact me initially and we set a date and time for our session, we'll talk about what type of setting you'd like your photo shoot to take place in. Believe me, I have TONS of places I love to shoot at in all different kinds of ways! Then we'll meet up, take fabulous pictures of you and have the best time ever. I'll go home, upload your photos to my computer, and pick out a sneak peek to post on Instagram in 24hours so you can have some instant gratification!



3 outfits
1 hour of shooting
1 location



5 outfits
2 hours shooting
2 locations (rustic and urban)



unlimited outfits
3 hours shooting
3 locations



My business is unique in the fact that when you book a photo session, your session fee includes both your photoshoot AND the beautifully edited digital files from the shoot!

Filling out this form is the start of something big. So share it all. This is an intimate journey. Music, photography, even your own personal experiences. It’s not just how you want the photos to look. But how you feel in them in that moment. 

Once you feel emotionally committed to this process fill out the form below and lets meet please!

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Ideal Project Date
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