A True Adventure Elopement - The Great Smoky Mountains North Carolina

A True Adventure Elopement

When Kelly and John reached out, they had a plan. Get married then hike the ENTIRE Appalachian Trail together immediately after they elope!!!! How amazing of a couple are you guys??! Like seriously! Stop but don’t stop being soul mates because they do existent and I see them right in front of me.

They both decided to Elope in Smoky Mountains by themselves without inviting any friends or family. They did of course tell them and when they return home to NY, they plan on doing a very small ceremony aka PARTY when they get back. Less is more in the long run and when you get married that in itself is an adventure but if you can hike together you stay together.

Those that truly are in love with nature, have their own beauty to behold. The mountains have a way of calming you and making you realize that life is precious.

I do hope you enjoy these photos. I’ve bee wanting to post them for awhile but satellite internet is rough folks. Peace and xoxo

Ashley Lee

Sarasota, FL