Blue Ridge Parkway Smoky Mountain Elopement Adventure

Blue Ridge Parkway near Black Balsam Knob in West Canton North Carolina

The fact I am able to take pictures that bring a smile to someones face, is the whole world to me.

Everyone has something they NEED. What I NEED is to work with my hands. There's something about this primal instinct that we can always depend on them. They bare scares but are soft. They are delicate but strong. They have picked us up, wiped tears off our face yet have helped others in some many ways.

Photography for me has it all for me. The Action the Adventure the Adrenaline. Most photo shoots are very dot dot dot. We only have so much time and only a few locations to visit. and sometimes that's what people want. That's not what I want. I moved here from Florida after being born and raised in Sarasota for 30 years. Bryson City has always been a second home since I was a child. We'd take months long summer vacations to go tubing, camping, hiking, you name it! Those are some of my most fondest memories. Yeah I was sore and might have some scratches and bruises, but honestly I loved those reminders.

You see when you hike together you stay together. When you’re ready to shed blood, sweat, and tears together you know you’re in it for the long haul.

The kind of photography sessions I do are not normal. I don’t keep track of time. I don’t keep track of locations. I certainly don’t keep track of outfits. When we meet, I am with you in every aspect. I’m a sound board for any ideas, which outfits look good, fix you hair, hold your dress, make sure you don’t have lipstick on your teeth, hide any tags, you name it. I’m a friend first, photographer second. I got your back. Always.

Ashley Lee

Sarasota, FL