Portraits of Ashley

So yesterday 2/7 was 67 degrees out. A warm front was blessed to us for only 24 hours though. So my BF and I went on an adventure to a spot we had scoped out a couple weeks back while looking for land to buy near Cashiers North Carolina.

Any trail and park right now is not busy at all! Middle of winter man. Today it’s back to normal, so 45 degrees. Glad we did this. Good Model, Good Location, Good Camera, Good Clothes, etc. It was the perfect day, a little glimpse of spring and summer to come. We can do it guys!!! Winter is almost over.

Blue Ridge Parkway Adventure Photo Sessions

Brittany got a FREE photo sessions for entering my giveaway. Originally we planned for Black Balsam Knob but Blue Ridge Parkway is closed for the winter. SO we did what any adventure session consists of, and walked down Blue Ridge Parkway about a mile to Devil’s Courthouse. We had the place to ourselves! Mother nature I thought would bless us with some sun per weather forecast but NOPE cloudy and COLD. Ya know the usual lol. Anywho we stopped by some locations like the Fir Forest and Devil’s courthouse overlook and tunnel. I can see why they close Blue Ridge Parkway during winter, go thru the pics and about halfway thru you’ll get to Devil’s Courthouse tunnel photos.


Max Patch - Adventure Portrait Shoot

First off it was COLD. VERY windy you never would of guessed it with how warm the photos turned out. So yeah Max patch is about an hour and a half from me and it’s a relatively short and easy hike, be careful if it’s rained as it’s slippery. Why do I know that? lol cause that’s what happened. And yes that is snow. Seriously cannot wait to see Spring at Max Patch omg I’m ready!!!!!

Alex West - Fields of Gold - Sarasota Photo Shoot

We were feeling the fall vibes and finally Sarasota, Florida is feeling sorta like fall. You can feel it at night but not in morning haha. We did our usual thing of meeting at one location and walking around. For the field of flowers, omg, we had to crawl under a chain link fence while I held it up. 100% army crawl. We got tons of stickers, dirt, plants, etc on us ;p, but I would do it again in a heartbeat because hello there’s a flower field RIGHT there, it’s worth it. Models that do this you keep close. Not may girls would be willing to army crawl down a ditch haha. Just have a look thru these pics. Pure love and magic. Here are Alex’s favs.