Savannah West - Siesta Key Photo Shoot Sarasota Florida

Sooooo I reached out to Miss Savannah aka savannah.west wanting to network and told her to bring a friend. Step in Haldley aka @happily_kay. We decided to brave going to Siesta key even though Red Tide is still in season and strong as ever. The smell came in waves and honestly wasn’t that bad for majority of the shoot. These two even had long boards, I mean come on! So cute, so fun, and these pictures are to die for. Like legit. I’m so happy I had the courage to reach out because none of this would of happened. I’m so lucky ladies. Please enjoy Savannah’s favs <3

Faith - SW Bradenton High School 2019 Senior

Faith here moved all the way from Alaska! Good choice, haha. Her momma reached out to me and we met at Starbucks to discuss about a week or two before photoshoot. We met at MUA (EMVBeauty) an hour before shoot and it RAINED. Out of all the day for the afternoon showers to be extended haha. BUT rain ain't gonna keep us down. It subsided and we walked around Burns Court in downtown Sarasota jumping over puddles. Had a BLAST with her and momma bear. Time flies and before we knew it the sun was setting. I'm so happy I got to meet these two lovely ladies. Please enjoy!

Lilly - the ultimate ham <3

So we went on a trip to the east coast of Florida near the Miami / Boca / Hollywood area. I had a model photo shoot and we stayed with my boyfriends sisters. Her daughter Lilly is TOO cute for words. I can't even. Just look at these photos!!! Lalala


Miami Beach Haulover Park - Hallie Parker Model photo shoot

Traveled to East coast to visit Hallie in Miami as Haulover beach park has a nude beach section. BF sister leaves near Miami so two in one trip!!



Portrait Photographer FAQ and O&A

Q & A for Portrait Photography by Ashley Lee


How long will my session be?
Up to 2 hours of shooting time.  This includes outfit changes as well as drive time to multiple locations so keep this in mind when considering traveling to multiple locations or when deciding how many outfits to bring. Before your session we'll meet up at MUA and go over everything.

What time is my session?
The best time to shoot is 2 hours before sunset.  We will schedule your session based on the time of sunset which will vary depending upon the time of year especially during fall/winter.  Weekend availability goes fast so most shoots are done on weekdays.

Oh no, it's raining on my session day! Do I have to take pictures in the rain?
Don't worry!  I have no intentions on standing in the rain either!  We will reschedule, however, I will likely not postpone the shoot until that morning or a few hours before.  Rescheduling can be tricky with everyone's schedules so I prefer to wait until we know for sure or it might rain in a certain area.  Also, please don't worry if it's not a bright sunny day!  Clouds are often preferable and you will still have gorgeous photos!

What should I bring to my session? 
Feel free to bring anything that shows off you and your personality. Don't forget all of your outfit changes including shoes, belts, accessories, jewelry, etc. I have a great little model closet full of dress and clothes too.  Also please bring along either a parent and/or a friend; someone who can make you laugh, help notice stray hairs that need to be brushed, and maybe even hop in a photo or two!

How many outfit changes do you allow?
As many as you want!  Just realize that every outfit change takes time and this is precious time when we could be shooting.  I usually recommend 5 outfits tops with a good mix of dressy to casual .  I love going over clothes with seniors before shoots. Your style is always on point!  Layers are always good - for instance a kimono that you can easily take on or off.  Keep in mind too that most locations don't have privacy so we'll have to plan or change in car. 

Where will my session be?
If you have a place in mind definitely let me know.  I love exploring new places.  I generally pick locations per your outfits and obviously wherever you want too. I have a lot of places around the area that are great and I'll be happy to give you suggestions.  I usually try to stick to locations 5 minutes apart tops!! Remember 2 hours goes fast when you're having fun!!

When will I see my photos?
Roughly two to three weeks tops after your session. We will meet somewhere to go over your photos. This meeting lasts about an hour.  You will see at least 50 images and have an opportunity to see and zoom in. If you have a couple you must have, I can go back thru and edit them more and order prints of them to keep for years to come. 

Am I required to go to the photographer my school contracts with to be in the yearbook?
Yes. 'The Senior Experience 'is something high schools will never be able to offer and is an experience like no other in Sarasota county. You are truly unique and not a number. This is your day!

My skin isn’t always perfect.  Can you Photoshop me?
Nobody is perfect! Absolutely, I will touch up any skin imperfections free of charge, no worries. However please do not lay out in sun or self tan 2 days before photoshoot. Sunburns and peeling I cannot help with :( BUT trust me, after my makeup artist performs her magic you will look and feel amazing!

Speaking of makeup, I'm nervous.  I don't want to look like someone else in my senior pictures.
No need to worry.  I only contract with the absolute best make up artists in the industry.  They are experts in ensuring it's natural and create the best version of YOU. I promise you'll love the results.

How do I book a session with you?
It’s easy, start with an email to get my availability and we’ll go from there.  The best advice I can give you is BOOK EARLY.  I only take a limited number of seniors each month to ensure I can give you the attention you deserve.  Contact me below!

Alyie - Downtown Sarasota Photo Shoot

Alyie - We shot this around downtown sarasota florida and found a secret place. I'm glad she was down for the adventure as we had to walk a bit in the wilderness. Good times. Btw did I mention I LOVE her hair. It fit perfect with downtown Sarasota and the vibe we were going for. LOVE downtown sarasota photo portrait sessions!!

Sarasota Siesta Key Florida - Double Exposure Photo Shoot Ashley Lee

Here here we find two yoga mermaid goddesses (IG: halllieparker and taylluna) that graced Siesta key's presence on the summer solstice. It was meant to be. I mean, can we look up the definition of Slay real quick? Oh well lookie there, it has their names. Yup. That's accurate. 

Venice Beach Model Test shoot

Miss Savannah here is a local Floridian like myself! Born and raised in Englewood she was only a hop skip and a jump from me. We had a blast as I have an obsession with dresses lol so she was in dress heaven while shooting. Venice beach is always magical and we went during weekday and it was not busy at all. Granted it's so HOT and humid people are staying inside more but not Savannah and I lol. YOLO. 

How to make the most out of your Sarasota Summer Wedding


Guest post by Orla James

Summer has always been a popular wedding season.

Why? Good weather means less problems. It means you can make the most of the amazing venue you’ve booked, and you can have your summer wedding photos taken in front of a beautiful, foliage-filled backdrop.

But a lot of weddings don’t make the most of the season. There are countless things you can do to make your day even more special.

This article is your ultimate guide to having a summer wedding.


Summer weddings give you loads of options when it comes to the theme.
Some of the most popular are:

Festival Theme – Make your wedding look like a music festival, right down to the invitations and festival band to finish the night off. This theme has become really popular in the last 10 years.  

Boho Theme – Based on the boho-chic fashion style, this bohemian theme is perfect for summer.

English Summer Theme – Think old-style ice-cream vans, strawberries and cream and other classic English treats.

You don’t have to be strict with your theme. You can pick your favourite bits from a theme and make it your own.

Colour Scheme

Pastel colours are always perfect for a summer wedding. It is becoming more popular to throw some bright colours in as well, but you have to be careful not to create a clash. It’s always a good idea to check out your wedding venue before deciding on a colour scheme so you can pick out a theme that matches with your dream location. Then, head over to Pinterest and create a board of your favourite colours.

Dress Code

Your dress code will depend heavily on what theme you pick, or even if you pick a theme at all. You need to factor in the weather to your dress code – choose light fabrics for the dresses and suits but also have something warm to wear in case the weather isn’t as good as you’d hoped. It’s also important to remember that what you’re wearing accounts for this too! While white dresses and gold rings is more traditional you could mix it up with more vibrant colours on your dress to match the brighter theme. Warmer coloured jewelry matches this well. Perhaps choose rose gold wedding rings instead of a more traditional silver, why not a sapphire coloured necklace, or maybe accessorize some bangles and bracelets for a more fun look.

Of course you’ve also got to bear in mind make-up too. With the sun beaming down all day it’s pretty likely everyone will start to break a sweat – which isn’t good news for makeup! Using waterproof and sunproof cosmetics wherever possible such as waterproof mascara and moisturizers containing SPF will do a world of good. And of course always remember to keep it light and bright! 


Your flowers are linked to your colour scheme. Always choose flowers that will fair well in hot weather if your wedding is outside – like dutch hydrangea and garden spray roses.

Work closely with your floral designer to get the best colours and florals for your wedding. 

Keeping Guests Comfortable

It’s not always the first thing you think about when planning your wedding, but it’s really important to think about your guests’ comfort. Summer weddings are beautiful, but can bring in extreme gear and humidity depending on where you are in the world.

If you are spending most of the day outside, you could provide sunglasses and sun-cream for guests. You should also make sure there is plenty of water available and plenty of shaded areas.

Having a basket of flip-flops is also fun so guests can take their uncomfortable shoes off for dancing.


It doesn’t matter when your wedding is, entertainment is one of the biggest factors. It will take up a large part of the evening and will be what you and your guests remember about the day.

Outdoor games – The benefit of a summer wedding is you can play fun outdoor games. A lot of companies rent out giant Jenga, Scrabble and other games. If you have a lot of outdoor space you could go for a game of lawn croquet or cricket.

Entertainment – Some wedding-band agencies have specific bands for summer weddings. You can get great Mumford & Sons style bands which will give your wedding that special touch. 


The food at your wedding is a huge decision to make. Here are a few quirky ideas that could make your wedding something to remember.

Summer Picnic – Instead of a formal sit down meal, why not have a summer picnic? Your guests can sit on blankets and eat from wicker baskets. If your guests are drinking, they will need something more substantial than a couple of sandwiches though.

Sweets Table – Why not have a classic pic ‘n’ mix table for your guests to select from. This is guaranteed to be a hit with the kids.

Posh BBQ – Who doesn’t love a BBQ in the summer? Why not have a posh BBQ with gourmet burgers and kebabs? Get a professional in though, the last thing you want is a stressful cooking experience on your big day.  

Ice-Cream Van – An ice-cream will fit into almost any wedding theme. You can have an old-style ice-cream cart for those english summer weddings and your classic ice-cream van for everything else.


Choose refreshing drinks for a summer wedding. You should make sure all the drinks are well chilled and not too heavy.

Pimp Your Prosecco – Have a prosecco station where your guests can embellish their drinks with different fruits.

Gin & Tonic – G&Ts always go down well in the sun. You could freeze pieces of fruit to use as ice. This is a great way to get creative with your gin.

Summer Cocktails – Hire a professional cocktail specialist and choose a couple of house cocktails so your guests don’t get carried away.

There’s no doubt that the summer is one of the easiest times of year to plan a wedding. Whether you choose the ballroom or the beach, picnics or prosecco or you dress down or up to the nines; your options are near endless.

However you choose to make your special day extra special you’re sure to have an incredible day surrounded with fun, friends and family and we wish you all the best for your sun soaked entry into married life!

There’s no doubt that the summer is one of the easiest times of year to plan a wedding. Whether you choose the ballroom or the beach, picnics or Prosecco or you dress down or up to the nines; your options are near endless.

However you choose to make your special day extra special you’re sure to have an incredible day surrounded with fun, friends and family and we wish you all the best for your sun soaked entry into married life!






How To Make The Most Out Of Your Summer Wedding by Vanessa Joy Photography and Orla James
taken from