Elle - Cake Smash - Phillippi Estate Mansion

Elle - First Birthday Cake Smash Outdoors

Caroline wanted pictures of her daughters and specifically Elle as she was turning the big ONE. To be honest I don’t normally take pictures of families but I’ve known Caroline and her family for years! They’re like a back up family hahaha so when she asked I was all over it!!

We met at Phillippi Estate Mansion in the morning and it was only 80 degrees!! I’ll take it! Anywho please enjoy these ADORABLE photos of Elle, her sissy Grace, and their beautiful momma!

Lilly - the ultimate ham <3

So we went on a trip to the east coast of Florida near the Miami / Boca / Hollywood area. I had a model photo shoot and we stayed with my boyfriends sisters. Her daughter Lilly is TOO cute for words. I can't even. Just look at these photos!!! Lalala